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My Stay at Azad Public School Kishanganj

[By: Melanie May]

   I had a great time in Kishanganj.Teaching the children English and arts were really fun. I have been in Kishanganj about 2 months. I liked that in our hostel. I stayed with other teachers and some of the students. So I was never feeling lonely. Everybody was friendly and even though language and culture sometimes were between us everyone was willing to help me or simply give me some nice company.

Teaching was good because I was free in my decisions. So I decided to do some arts with the students which were great fun for all of us. Surely something can be annoying sometimes, I guess that is normal especially in a foreign culture where we sometimes do not understand each other but in the whole it was great.

Very interesting was for me to live in a part of India where no other foreigners go. When I was talking to other travelers I realized that I experienced something very special. Although I could speak a few words of Hindi, meeting people in Kishanganj was very nice.

The only thing I had to get used to that people were staring at me, sometimes that can be very tiring but I always tried to take it with humor and for the students my different appearance was never a real problem anyway. So I would recommend working as a teacher in Kishanganj to people who like children ,who do not need action every day( daily routine can get boring sometimes) and who want to experience the normal life in India.

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