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Still Births in India

According to the recent research data revealed during the launch of British Medical Journal Lancet, on an average six lakh stillbirths take place in India every year.

According to World Health Organization, stillbirth is a birth weight of at least 1000 gm or a gestational age of at least 28 weeks (third trimester stillbirth).Of the 2.7 crore babies born in India, there are 22 stillbirths per 1000 births. Many doctors believe that the lack of obstetric care to the pregnant women is one of the prime causes of stillbirths.

Nigeria and Pakistan have the highest stillbirth rates of 42 and 46 per 1000 births respectively whereas Finland and Singapore have 2 per 1000 births.

According to the experts the most number of stillbirths happen during intrapartum –the period between labor and delivery.

The top five causes of stillbirth are given by doctors are :

Childbirth complications
Maternal infections in pregnancy
Maternal conditions especially hypertension and diabetes
Fetal growth restriction
Congenital abnormalities

The Proposed preventive measures are:

Folic acid fortification during pregnancy
Syphilis screening and treatment
Obstetric Care
Diabetes and hypertension management

Source: Hindustan Times

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