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Status of Education in Delhi

A survey report

According to a recent survey done by Samajik Suvidha Sangam Society under the aegis of the Delhi govt, New Delhi, the capital city has 2.42 lakh children out of school. Only 71% of Delhi’s children attend school against the national figure of 94.5% and 100 % for the states like Tamil Nadu. There is no doubt that the city has failed to implement alternative modes of education for school children. The survey also found that among the people surveyed 25.4% were illiterate. Another 9.1% or 2.42 lakh people were out of school.

The educational disparity between the rich and the poor in Delhi can be judged from another finding of the survey conducted on 12,000 households in slums clusters which found that only 4.7% of the people were graduates. Only about 20% were found to have completed elementary education, 15.2 % primary and only 7.9% higher secondary.

Among the poor of the capital, about 83.3% were found to be Hindus, 14.3% Muslims and 1.4% Sikh while the poor among other religious groups was less than 1%. Among Hindus the scheduled castes constituted over 30% of the poor followed by 14.1% from the other backward classes and 7.8% from the scheduled tribes.

Despite living in a city which attracts over five lakh people every year from other states in the hope of better lives over 10% of the respondents said that they were unemployed. Another 9% were doing menial jobs like rickshaw pulling, ragppicking and setting up small shops to survive. There are about 35,597 rag-pickers in Delhi, the majority of whom are children.

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