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Situational Analysis of Young Children in Delhi

More than 66% of children under the six years in Delhi slums are malnourished. It is more than the children in the sub-Saharan Africa where the figure stands at 38%. India’s malnourishment stand at 40%.This has been revealed by the survey report of situational analysis of young children in Delhi.

This study was done in 22 slum clusters in Delhi. The study says that malnourishment is higher at the construction sites and among deprived including Muslims and scheduled castes. The main reason is being the poor health status of the mothers.

Only 10% of the poor women are accessing the basic health care services including nutrition services under integrated child development scheme. The report says adding that the scheme covers just 10% of the poor women.

Most of the women in the unorganized sector do not get maternity leave resulting in poor health of the woman and the new born child. The birth registration rate in slums in less than 20% and large number of child-births take place at home.

According to the study vulnerable sections like street children, beggers, children of migrant labor and sex workers are not covered in any government schemes. The report also says that there is tremendous increase almost double in the number of people living below poverty line.

Source: Hindustan Times

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