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Sex Ratio in Bihar- 2011 Census

According to latest census reports, Bihar has a sex- ratio of 916 standing 25th among 35 states and union territories. This figure is a decline of 3 points from the 2001 census. In 1901 the sex ratio of Bihar was 1,061, 57 points ahead of present Kerala and Goa.The main reasons of declining sex ratio are somewhat similar to those prevalent in north-west India like dowry, preference for the male child and use of prohibited technologies in the recent times.

Gujarat has also seen a decline in the sex ratio with 918 which is lower than 920 in 2001.It had sex-ratio of 954 in 1901. Punjab’s sex ratio stands at 893 which is an improvement over the 2001 data of 876.There is gradual improvement considering that it was even lowers in earlier counts. Haryana has made a small improvement but it is still abysmal low of 877.

West Bengal has shown consistent improvement in recent decades .It was 865 in 1951,6 points below Haryana. It remained low in coming decades: 878,891 and 911.Now its sex ratio of 934 in 2001 has increased to 947 in 2011.

The sex –ratio in Rajasthan has seen slight improvement from 921 in 2001 to 926 in 2011.The female literacy rate stands at 52.66%.

Source: Hindustan Times

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