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Population –The trends in India

India @ Risk 2007, a report published during the India Economic Summit, 2007 has revealed following important facts:

  • Growing India: India is the world's second most populous country and is expected to be the most populous by 2040.The country is undergoing the same forces of demographic transition that have been experienced elsewhere, only delayed by few decades.

  • Young India: Over 700 million Indians are below 35 years of age and over 550 million are below 25.However despite its youthful population, India's size means that it is home to the second largest number of older people in the world, in absolute terms.

  • Unequal India: The rising income gap is creating an urban-rural divide and a north-south imbalance. A quarter of India's population lives below the poverty line with most living off the land on small farms with little access to new technology.

  • Urbanizing India: Almost 70% of Indians still reside in rural areas although in recent decades migration to larger cities has led to a dramatic increase in the country's urban population.

  • Mega city India: India is home to around 18% of the world's population but accounts for only 2.42% of the total world area; the emergence of mega cities is inevitable.

  • Aspirational India: The emerging middle class will surge tenfold; exceeding 500 million by 2025.It will command 60% of the country's spending power.

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