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Plight of HIV/AIDS affected children

The life is very difficult for HIV/AIDS affected children in India who face discrimination at schools, home and even in their neighborhood. A study by UNICEF, the National AIDS Control Organization and the ministry for Women and Child Development says that such children are teased, shunned, shouted or ignored. They are also excluded from family events, ceremonies and festivals. In schools they are made to sit separately and they get less attention from their classmates and parents.

The class-mates are told by their parents not to have any contact with them and some schools have even refused admission to HIV/AIDS –infected children according to the survey that was conducted in 54 sites in nine HIV/AIDS prevalence states. The most common reason for their exclusion was the people’s fear about HIV/AIDS.

The study has recommended a specific policy framework for children and AIDS suggesting ways to make them integral ways to make them integral part of the society including creating awareness among public service providers like anganwadi workers and teachers. According to Minister of State for Women and Child Development Renuka Chaudhary, the policy is recognition of the fact that the majority of children affected by HIV/AIDS face a profound and permanent effect on their lives because their parents or a close family member is HIV+.

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