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NASSO Report – 2008-09

According to a recent report released by National Sample Survey organization, common necessities of life like drinking water, electricity connection and sanitation together are not available to 82% of Indian rural households. There is huge disparity between urban and rural households regarding these common amenities. The survey of over one lakh households on basic living standards in India also says that 20% of rural households don’t have access to either of these facilities.

The report says that access to these facilities in rural areas had tripled since 1993; it revealed an increase in the rural urban divide since then. The coverage in urban areas increased by about 20% as compared to 12% in rural areas between 1993 and 2008-09. Nearly 57% of the households in rural India have to travel up to 5 km every day to fetch drinking water as compared to just 20% in urban areas.

Just 30% of households in rural India have access to tap drinking water as compared to 74% in urban areas. As a result majority of village households are dependent on tube wells or unprotected wells for drinking water.

About 65% of rural households are without toilets whereas it is 11% in urban areas. 58% of rural households are without proper drainage and sanitation services whereas it is 15% for the urban households.

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