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NACO covers less than 10% of HIV –infected in India

Of the 52 lakh HIV infected persons in India only 46,000 receive free antiretroviral therapy (ART) crucial to prevent them from developing AIDS. According to affidavit filled by NACO before Supreme Court in response to the PIL by NGOs accusing the government of slow action in preventing HIV infected persons from becoming victims of AIDS.
In the absence of ART all infected persons will suffer progressive deterioration of immune functions and finally develops AIDS and die. Government has been failed to achieve its target of giving free ART to one lakh HIV positive patients by 2005.
According to NACO the target of providing free ART to three lakhs HIV positive patients will be achieved by 2011.Only 10% of 52 lakh HIV patients can be said to be suffering from AIDS and needed ART. This means that the remaining 90% can wait and watch their infection grow into a full blown case of AIDS.
However NACO contradicts its statement by giving the example of the global trend. Even globally 80% coverage is considered optimal assuming that 20% of patients will avail private treatment. So when other countries are targeting 80% of their HIV infected population India is struggling to bring 10% under the anti-HIV drive.

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