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Millennium Goals: India’s position

According to a Human Resource Development Ministry statement on Millennium Development Goals governments set for themselves in the United Nations General Assembly in September 2000, the eight goals pledged by 19 governments translate into 18 targets with 48 indicators. The Eight Millennium Goals are

  1. Eradicating extreme poverty and hunger

  2. Achieving universal primary education

  3. promoting gender equality and empowering women

  4. Reducing child mortality

  5. Improving maternal health

  6. Combating HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases

  7. Ensuring sustainable environment

  8. Developing global partnership for development

Indian indicators in the statement are:
Household which reported enough food for all members everyday throughout the year rose between 1993-94 and 2004-05 from 94.5% to 97.4% in rural areas and 98.1% to 99.4% in urban areas.

Households with access to drinking water from a tap, hand-pump or tube well increased from 62.3 % in 1991 to 78% in 2001.

India's planning commission estimated an 8.5%drop in poverty ratio from 36% in 1993-94 to 27.5% in 2004-05 although its standard for poverty line is itself way below the World Bank's.

The number of out of school children fell from 32 million in 2001-02 to 7 million in 2005-06 and the literacy rate rose from 52.2% in 1991 to 64.9% in 2001.

Female-male enrolment ratio rose between 1990-91 and 2004-05 from 71:00 at primary level from 50:100 to 71:100 at secondary level.

Infant mortality rate declined from 80/1000 live births in 1990 to 58 in 2005 and Maternal Mortality rate from 407/100,000 deliveries in 1998 to 301 in 2001-02.

As per National Family Health Survey the proportion of births attended by skilled health personnel rose from 33 % in 1992-93 to 48.3% in 2005-06.

The under 5 mortality rate declined from 125 deaths per thousand live births in 1988-92 to 98 in 1998-2002.

The proportion of households having toilets/bathroom facilities within the house increased from 23.7% in 1991 to 36.1% in 2001.

It is said that the Indian government has not drawn any separate programme as the Millennium goals are quite similar to the objectives of its 5 year plans.

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