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Latest Figures on HIV/AIDS-2007

  • Total number of people living with HIV-33.2m

  • Adult living with HIV-30.8m

  • Women living with HIV-15.4m

  • Children living with HIV-2.5m

  • New HIV infections-2.5m

  • Adults newly infected-2.1m

  • Children newly infected-0.42m

  • Total AIDS deaths-2.1m

  • Adult AIDS deaths-1.7m

  • Child AIDS deaths-0.33m

  • India has an estimated 2.5m people living with HIV/AIDS

  • India's HIV prevalence in the general population is .36%

  • India is the third worst affected country with HIV afterSouth Africa (5.5m) and Nigeria (2.9 m)

  • An estiamted 1.7 lakh people died of HIV in 2006

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