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Elementary Education in India 2005-06 – A Report

Some Findings

At a time when the country is facing a shortage of educational institutions, over 32,000 schools do not have a single student a government survey has revealed. These institutions, 48% of which are primary schools are located mostly in rural areas and are in the public sector according to the report ‘Elementary Education in India 2005-06’ that was prepared by the National University of Educational Planning and Administration.

The survey found that 2.92% of these schools had zero enrollment. Karnataka had the highest number of such schools standing at 7,945.While 15,791 were primary schools the rest were upper primary, secondary and higher secondary schools, the report said.

The states with lowest enrollment are Bihar, Delhi, Kerala and Uttar Pradesh. The survey covered 11, 24,033 schools in 35 states and Union Territories.

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